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Gaining trust in our products!

Regular stage of the World Cup on our platforms.

Osaka, Japan, 12.2018

We Did It!

Frame Fencing manufactures and sells special platforms with the help of which there is a fencing duel of Paralympic athletes. We are at the disposal of clients with the most advanced technologies, which are already in the process of implementation.

IWAS Quality Certificate

Our engineers decided to design a stable platform for fencing of Paralympic athletes, no one in the World has done this. Confirmation of this is the international certificate of quality IWAS.

Repair and Maintenance

Conducted meetings with athletes to determine technical requirements. Clarified which nodes at the design stage of the platform should be strengthened, so that athletes are not distracted by technical problems during the fight.

After studying the platforms in practice:

We paid attention to the most deformed nodes and strengthen them.

Implemented a simple and reliable technical solution, which prevents the beat of the remote rod when entering the frame. This is a most problematic place in similar products.

The wheel lock hooks are protected by a special coating, this solution protects the wheel of the wheelchair from friction.

The edges of the platform and the base are protected by rubber moldings, which prevent negative consequences when operating the platform.

Each unit was equipped with rotating wheels, with which the athletes independently move the platform.

The weight of one platform is 26 kg. and it is easy to transport if necessary. Reliability and simplicity of design provide operation for dozens of seasons ahead.

Designing Outline


The barbell is made of high-grade steel. The pitch of the tooth is calculated up to a hundredth of a millimeter, which gives a clear distance between athletes and during the battle this distance between sparring partners remains unchanged.


The frame material is a high-quality aluminum profile. Under heavy loads, the steel parts of the platform are galvanized and are designed for long-term maintenance.


Our product is completed with German belts, which reliably fix the stroller.

Podium Supplied in the Following Set:

Made of high-quality aluminum profile and metal with durable steel grades. It has mechanical quick-detachable fasteners for fastening the driving wheels of the stroller to the platform. Fixes the fencing wheelchair in a stable position that all the wheels are on the platform.

The podium quickly adapts to fencing with the right or left hand. Allows you to easily adjust the space for athletes, depending on the length of the hands using a remote rail. Thanks to the wheels on the platform, athletes, without assistance, can rearrange the platform.

Frame material — high-quality aluminum profile.

Platform 800x750 mm, the total weight of 52 kilos, (2x).

Belt for fixing the front wheels of the stroller, (2x).

Belt of fixation of driving wheels, (2x).

Grips of drive wheels, (4x).

Remote rail with a device for adjusting the length, weighing 9.2 kilos, (1x).


Our Advantage



We supply components for repairing platforms. Operational implementation of international treaties.

work with professionals

Why buy a complete platform, if you can replace only a worn out part. We value every customer.

individual discounts

Interested in the wholesale batch of our platforms? We provide an exclusive price offer for wholesale buyers.

Working for this kind of results

Letter of thanks from the Paralympic Committee of Georgia.

Tbilisi, Georgia, 11.2018


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